In 2015 Econocom begins the second phase of its Mutation strategic plan and acquires digital infrastructure and network security specialists Clesys

2014 saw the successful completion of the major construction and consolidation measures planned as part of Econocom’s Mutation strategic plan:

  • The complete integration of Osiatis and building a powerful Services division
  • A new group organisation in line with the digital market: simpler, more responsive, closer to clients, and as always, with a focus on entrepreneurship and empowering employees
  • Setting up Digital Dimension and speeding up the deployment of B2B, digital, cloud-based solutions
  • Over 8000 employees and three complementary business lines covering the full value chain of digital transformation programmes
  • A healthy financial structure

This positive situation means the group is now in a position to successfully address clients’ needs and projects, irrespective of the scale or degree of complexity.

From now on the group’s growth trajectory will focus on initiatives to improve its responsiveness and ability to adapt to the rapidly-changing market, its creativity and its ability to attract – more than its competitors – the new talents and skills that are constantly emerging in the wake of the digital wave.

In this context, the group is not planning any major acquisitions in the near future. Its new developments and future acquisitions will for the most part consist of specialist, medium-sized entities that are autonomous but have strong business synergies with the group. These satellite companies will be run by talented managers with a proven track record as digital entrepreneurs in Europe. They will also, along with their teams, hold a stake in the share capital of these entities.

In terms of geographical areas, the Group will be looking to deploy its multi-activity model in its strategic countries (in particularly Benelux, Italy, Spain, France) to consolidate its position at the forefront of the digital transformation of businesses and public services.

Regarding its medium-term expansion plans in terms of industry sectors and areas, the group will be focusing on the following:

  • Security: audit, consulting, cyber-security for IoT. This is to address a growing need from corporate clients who are digitalising their business models and internal processes. As a major partner handling these projects, Econocom plans to offer its clients a comprehensive, leadingedge service catalogue.
  • Infrastructure and network consulting: the cutting-edge skills required from the outset of digital transformation projects. To that end, Econocom recently announced it had acquired a stake in Helis and will be further consolidating its position in this field.
  • Web & mobile business solutions: business and mobile and web apps, e-commerce, enterprise social networks, etc. are increasingly requiring innovative, and in particular open-source platforms. In addition to its strong current position in the technologies of the main software vendors, Econocom wishes to step up its expertise as a provider of open-source services (UX, Build & Run).
  • eHealth: in a rapidly-growing market, Econocom plans to be a major player in clinical Big Data, systems for optimising healthcare establishments and processes and interoperability of medical systems. 

In line with this growth trajectory, Econocom has acquired 100% of the share capital of Clesys, an infrastructure, data centre and network security specialist. Clesys’ 55 engineers and consultants provide services ranging from security and compliance audits and data flow security to complete security system monitoring. The company posted revenue of around €6 million in 2014. Its founder Vincent Crolard will naturally be reinforcing the management team of Econocom-Osiatis’ IT security division run by Jean-Luc Lemire.