«We offer to our clients the most innovatived solutions of the market» by Carlos Pérez-Herce, country manager econocom Spain

Carlos Pérez-Herce, country manager of Econocom in Spain, details the keys to the performance of the company, specialists in technological integration for all types of companies in times when digital transformation is a decisive vector of development.


What is Econocom Group?

Econocom Group is a technology integrator that provides financing, services and distribution services corresponding to the Technology Management & Financing, Services and Products & Solutions activities, respectively, and supports both medium-sized and large companies, accompanying them in their digital transformation projects. Founded in 1971 by Jean-Louis Bouchard, who continues to lead the Group, it is present in 18 countries and has approximately 9,200 employees and a turnover of 2.6 billion euros.


What is your assessment of the Group's performance, and more specifically in Spain?

Very positive. It is a Group that is always on the move, we have in our DNA the entrepreneurial spirit to innovate and offer our customers the most innovative solutions on the market, for which we work with the most important manufacturers in the Spanish market. In the last decade the Group has grown extraordinarily, multiplying its turnover by 3 and its operating result by 4.

In Spain, Econocom has led its growth based fundamentally on organic supported by the purchase of technology companies and their integration into the different Activities. With a turnover in 2020 of 345 million euros, we expect this year to increase this figure, continuing in any case the same growth path of previous years.


Are you thinking of incorporating new companies?

The Econocom Group has grown a lot in recent years, and much of this growth has come from acquisitions. In 2019 the Group implemented an internal transformation plan, which allowed us to end 2020 without debt. This has allowed us to be ambitious enough to return to an acquisition plan for the coming years. And indeed, Spain is part of this plan, as it is a strategic country for the Group, being, in addition, together with France and Belgium, the only country that has the 3 activities of the Group. We are therefore considering continuing in Spain with an acquisition plan for the coming years. 


What is Econocom´s vision of the fashionable CSR concept?

Econocom is involved and takes concrete action to meet the challenges of the circular economy with the utmost respect for the environment and the standards in force, for end-of-life equipment.

Circular economy, recycling, second-hand equipment... are terms that we are seeing more and more often incorporated in companies and even more so today, due to the shortage of products in the supply chain that we are experiencing worldwide. At Econocom Spain, we have been incorporating CSR as part of our business for more than 30 years. Since our inception, we have always managed the removal of used equipment by reconditioning it, and then placing it on the second-hand market. Currently, we refurbish approximately 430,000 at Group level and around 35,000 devices per year in Spain, drastically reducing our waste generation and environmental footprint, as less than 10% ends up in Waste Management & Revaluation and/or raw materials.

Once this process is done, we make sure that put back into the market more than 90% of the materials that pass through our hands.

We believe this is the best way to be responsible and minimize our carbon footprint. As a concrete example, only in the last 2 years, we have put on the market 22,000 mobility devices (smartphones, tablets, and laptops) which represents a significant saving in CO2 emissions, waste and liters of water used in the manufacture of these new devices.


Looking ahead to 2022, how do you see the year ahead?

The pandemic although it has had a huge effect on all sectors, has certainly boosted the technology sector in the sense that it has made many of the leaders consider digital transformation as one of the keys to their new roadmap. I believe that once we have overcome the uncertainty and the most critical moments, the strategy of companies is linked to technology and in this sense, we feel confident and believe that we are facing a better 2022 where we will continue to work, focusing on technological innovation and accompanying our clients in their digital transformation by offering them a broad portfolio of digital technology capabilities.