Orange bets on an innovative capacity system that fits with the activity of the store

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publicado en 28-05-2020

Orange has expanded their stores reopening to the national territory since the begining of “phase 0” declared by the Spanish Government. In this new scenario, the company has taken advantage of introducing new solutions allowing a smart management with regard to their visits.

The reopening has been set by recommendations of capacity limitations, safety distances and hygiene procedures as precautionary measures against COVID-19. In this scenario, Orange has decided to go one step further introducing technological solutions which allows to face these challenges automatically based on the client’s welfare.

The appointment and shift management are expanded through the Orange app, but also from shop windows, where clients can follow the evolution of shifts in real time.

Concerning the capacity control measure, the counting systems fonctions have been developed through highly reliable 3D sensors. These sensors manage the entrance, exit and the capacity data in real time, so employees and clients can be both informed through the digital signage screens located in the store. All of this information is automatically paired with the appointment and shift information, so clients can manage the waiting time on line with the app and thus, make their waiting experience safer and comfortable.

Shift and appointment management is handled through a smart management : the BeWin solution from Altabox|econocom. This solution controls and adapts the capacity of the store depending on the Orange staff available at all times and according to scheduled appointments. Therefore, the store fits not only with the capacity regulations according to the square meters, but also with the staff that can attend visitors and manage the store with the greatest security. Thus, the communication with clients is fluid and adaptable in real time to the store activity.

Roi Iglesias, Product Global Manager of econocomretail, says: “it is a project that has started with Orange stores in Madrid and most of the main cities in Spain and the idea is to extend this concept to all of the Orange point of sales where there is a communication with screens. What is interesting is that Orange leaps ahead of their competitors with a real example and is already managing the stores capacity to prevent and secure their clients. Hence, all Orange stores will have soon the most advanced analytics systems”.

Orange has chosen Altabox|econocom digital solutions, the company that owns the BeWin solution for appointment management, shifts and integrated counting system. Altabox|econocom is ready for this new retail scenario with services that integrate digital signage solutions, so that stores can send the appropriate messages and recommendations to their clients.

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